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Next stop, Frome Festival

We are delighted to be part of the upcoming Frome Festival! The Frome Festival is a community arts festival, which is run as a hybrid fringe.

This year Frome Festival runs 3-11 July and Inch to IN:CH will be present around the town. Some pieces will be in shop windows and others in Frome Museum. This creates a dual aspect to the exhibition in Frome, unlike when the work was shown together in Bath.

The work in shop windows will be on show day and night, while the pieces in the museum are in parts of the building rarely open to visitors: in the spiral staircase and the basement, with access on the junction of Bridge Street and North Parade.

Starting or finishing at the museum, visitors are encouraged to follow the trail through the town spotting the cases in shop windows.

“The Frome Festival is a community arts festival, which is run as a hybrid fringe.”

This year Frome Festival runs 3-11 July, and Inch by IN:CH are excited to be included.

There will be opportunities to take part in workshops:

  • Wire workshops will be led by Fiona in the museum.
  • Drawing sessions, which will be set up for safe participation.
  • A performative window drawing will take place at Jude’s of Frome on Friday 9 July, 8.15-9.15pm.

11 South West artists have packed their artwork in a case from which the piece emerges for display. The cases are an integral part of the exhibition. Some are large with the work spilling beyond its frame; others are smaller, more self-contained. Some request the viewer to stand back and wonder, while others invite them to peer closer and become more intimate. Ranging in size, scope and materiality, the artworks reflect the diversity of the artists’ practices – including, painting, sound, assemblage, sculpture and light.

The group has been delighted by the encouraging responses and generous support of all involved, whether financial or in-kind. They would like to say a big thank you to all donors (listed on their website). Sponsors include The Arts Society Wessex, Somerset Art Works, Gane Trust, Fringe Arts Bath, East and West Somerset Railways, Found Outdoors, Cranmore Parish Council and individuals.  This crucial support will bring the free programme of events to public audiences.

For those who cannot visit any of the tour in person there are a series of audio artist interviews, and an online gallery. For further and evolving information visit: and
Instagram @inchbyinchuk.

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Successful beginnings in Bath

Inch by INCH is a travelling exhibition, spiralling round the South West and evolving on its journey, as it adapts to the different venues. From shop windows to woodland glades, steam railways to parks, the aim is to engage with the visitors by bringing art out of the gallery and into public spaces.

The Inch by IN:CH tour started during Fringe Arts Bath in the garages behind Bath Artists’ Studios. As well as visitors coming specifically to see the exhibition, this location, on a cut-through to the river, was the perfect place for passers-by to spot the exhibition and find out more.

A range of visitors dropped by, including students, holidaymakers, cyclists, walkers and families. Some joined in with the workshops. Shirley Sharp and Fiona Campbell set up shadow drawing and drawing from cases, which continue throughout the tour.

“Thought-provoking exhibition: there is a sense of tension in many pieces, even darkness. But also optimism. A sign of our times?”

Visitor comment

One couple purposefully walked from Trowbridge to see the exhibition before heading along the river to find a pub on their way to catch a train home.

Another couple saw the sign on the towpath and took a break on their cycle ride from Bristol to Bath, making a short drawing before heading off to have lunch.

Comments from visitors included:

  • ‘Thought-provoking exhibition: there is a sense of tension in many pieces, even darkness. But also optimism. A sign of our times?’
  • ‘Great to come across an impromptu bit of art while out on our walk’
  • ‘Good to see art in unusual places’.

The venues Inch by IN:CH visit will be in safe, mainly open, public spaces, plotted as an outwardly mobile spiral. Some will be inner city, others will be in green rural spaces.

By entering communal spaces, spreading art outwards, rather than keeping it contained, we’re adapting the exhibition formula. This migration of work will encourage people to go out, meet and share in something transitional. Bridging the gap between art and life, connecting with local communities, we want to bring hope, wellbeing, and creative opportunities.

For further information visit:, Instagram: @inchbyinchuk, Twitter: @inchbyINCH10.

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In the news: The Visitor

Inch by IN:CH is front page news over at The Visitor magazine.

We are so pleased to be featured and agree that Shirley Sharp’s work is a terrific ambassador for the project.

The Visitor is a popular magazine covering Somerset, Dorset and parts of Wiltshire. We are so pleased to be part of issue 450.

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In the news: Curator Space

We’re delighted that Curator Space has published an update on Inch to IN:CH here.

CuratorSpace is a project management toolkit for curators, organisers, galleries, and artists.

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Supported by the Gane Trust

We are thrilled and very grateful to the Gane Trust for sponsoring Inch by IN:CH.

“The Gane Trust is committed to supporting people engaged in welfare and social care and those involved with all of the arts, craft and design … Our Gane Grants enable individual people to realise their aspirations and potential and make a real difference to their lives.”

The Gane Trust

These funds will enable us to include a specialist bio resin casting workshop with Kelly O’Brien. We are planning an extensive programme of activities to engage with visitors.

For further information visit:, Instagram: @inchbyinchuk, Twitter: @inchbyINCH10.

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In the news: Somerset Art Works

Somerset Art Works, one of our supporters, has published an update on Inch to IN:CH here.

Information on the touring exhibition was also included in the SAW artist development weekly digest here.

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In the news: On tour with Inch by IN:CH

The Fine Times Recorder (website for food, arts, travel,
events, leisure and lifestyle in Dorset, Somerset, and Wiltshire) has published information on Inch to IN:CH.
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In the news: Inch by IN:CH


A travelling exhibition considering transition, interchange and the transportation of ideas.

Inch by IN:CH seeks funding

An artist-led project, curated by the Bath-based artist group IN:CH, is bringing contemporary art out of the gallery and into the communal areas of our everyday lives. The 11 artists, all based in the South West, reflect a variety of art forms and here focus on transition, interchange and the transportation of ideas.

Inch by IN:CH is a travelling exhibition

Forming a portable touring exhibition, the artists will each present contemporary work in a travel case. These artworks include painting, assemblage, projections and sculptural installations, and will blur the boundaries between. Through these small-scale works, ideas will be shared and transported from one place to the next. The presentation of the opened cases will vary, responding to the nature and function of each particular setting. At each location artists will engage with the audience…

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In the news: Mendip Times

Inch by IN:CH appears in volume 16, issue 9 of Mendip Times. See the coverage at Have suitcase: Will travel.

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On the air: Inch by IN:CH interview

Inch by IN:CH was featured on BBC Radio Bristol & Somerset this week.

On 4 January 2021 one of our IN:CH artists, Fiona Campbell, spoke to radio presenter Claire Cavanagh about the project and how it came about:

‘We got together last year (we’re a group called Incubation Chamber, so that’s where IN:CH comes in) because of lockdown and the closure of the art industry … we thought it would be nice to take art out from galleries and studios into communal areas, spaces that don’t normally show art.’

‘We’re going to engage the public with workshops, demonstrations, discussions, talks as we go in a spiralling circuit around the South West, particularly Somerset.’

Claire Cavanagh, BBC Bristol

‘It’s eleven artists from across the west country who are getting together to put on this travelling exhibition … It’s a nice idea, I like that.’

Claire Cavanagh, BBC Radio Bristol

Claire, ‘It’s a great idea, how do you put something like this on, when it’s so restricted in terms of people going into places or gathering?’

Fiona, ‘A lot of it will be out in open places. For example one of our venues is the East Somerset Railway. We’ve got choices of where we might place ourselves, could be on the platform. This is starting in May when we’re hoping things will have eased and goes on until October, so quite a long-term project. The safety of everyone involved is paramount … Our plans are movable.’

Claire, ‘How do you all know each other? Do you get together because it’s useful to have those connections?’

Fiona, ‘Yes, it’s been a lifeline. Some of us know each other through having done an MA together at Bath Spa Uni, and there’s a link with Bath Artist Studios. We had a picnic in the summer where we really kicked this idea off. Otherwise we’ve been doing lots of Zoom conversations!’

Listen here to the radio chat (1:19-1:26 mins):