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Somerset Open Studios: Venue 16

As part of Somerset Open Studios, Inch by IN:CH will be on show in The Gauge Museum, venue 16.

Thank you to Fiona Robinson who, writing for Evolver, shares some thoughts about our project and the final stop of the tour.

“There is something about suitcases that is always very intriguing. Like trains heard in the distance, they suggest travel, discovery and secrets. Inch by IN:CH a group of eleven artists have come together to create a travelling exhibition, which aims to bring art to lots of disparate places, rather than always expecting people to come to them …”

“It is an inspired project and a really serious attempt to engage communities who might never feel tempted to cross the threshold of a gallery.”

Fiona Robinson for Evolver

“There is a frisson of excitement when a dusty old leather suitcase is discovered, neglected and long forgotten in a loft. It might contain old photos, documents and secret histories belonging to their original owners.”

“The cases being used by Inch by IN:CH have been sourced from all different places and for the artists they are in the nature of 3D found objects which have become repositories for a new set of references and memories.”

“The artists will also be there, continuing their programme of free drawing workshops.”

Fiona Robinson for Evolver

“During Somerset Open Studios, the final stop on their journey will be The Gauge Museum at Bishops Lydeard Station (venue 16), where they will be on show in the ‘unique Victorian sleeping car, with suitcase artworks spilling out onto the platform’.”

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