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Visitors are on-board with Inch by IN:CH

The Inch by IN:CH tour has welcomed many visitors to the roving exhibitions and sparked interesting conversations around the works and ideas they explore. By hosting the works in unusual and communal spaces, the artist group have engaged with people who might not normally head into a gallery to view art. 

Some comments from visitors:

“Inspiring and different. Questioning what is art and how it should be shown.”

“An interesting concept. I enjoyed hearing directly from one of the artists.”

“Beautiful and thought-provoking.”

After successful visits to Frome, part of Frome Festival, a show of work/workshops at East Somerset Railway, Cranmore in July, and Backwell Playhouse, the artists are taking a pause for breath.

At the small independent theatre, Backwell Playhouse, the pop up event involved an exhibition of the cases on stage and shadow drawing workshops with participants.

It was a fantastic creative day with a great energy – so lovely to interact with the public about our work.

Shirley Sharp

Visitors really appreciated the event, engaging with the work with many interesting conversations.

The cases maintained their idiosyncrasy in a place where they could hold some authority.

Anna Kot

Inch by IN:CH have held informal free workshops at each location. These have produced some exciting art pieces from those involved, as well as laughter and playful creativity. Two of the artists gave a live experimental drawing performance in a shop window which attracted attention! 

Go along to view the works, discuss the ideas behind the tour, join in a workshop and/or explore the venues … maybe even take a train ride or a woodland walk.

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