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Successful beginnings in Bath

Inch by INCH is a travelling exhibition, spiralling round the South West and evolving on its journey, as it adapts to the different venues. From shop windows to woodland glades, steam railways to parks, the aim is to engage with the visitors by bringing art out of the gallery and into public spaces.

The Inch by IN:CH tour started during Fringe Arts Bath in the garages behind Bath Artists’ Studios. As well as visitors coming specifically to see the exhibition, this location, on a cut-through to the river, was the perfect place for passers-by to spot the exhibition and find out more.

A range of visitors dropped by, including students, holidaymakers, cyclists, walkers and families. Some joined in with the workshops. Shirley Sharp and Fiona Campbell set up shadow drawing and drawing from cases, which continue throughout the tour.

“Thought-provoking exhibition: there is a sense of tension in many pieces, even darkness. But also optimism. A sign of our times?”

Visitor comment

One couple purposefully walked from Trowbridge to see the exhibition before heading along the river to find a pub on their way to catch a train home.

Another couple saw the sign on the towpath and took a break on their cycle ride from Bristol to Bath, making a short drawing before heading off to have lunch.

Comments from visitors included:

  • ‘Thought-provoking exhibition: there is a sense of tension in many pieces, even darkness. But also optimism. A sign of our times?’
  • ‘Great to come across an impromptu bit of art while out on our walk’
  • ‘Good to see art in unusual places’.

The venues Inch by IN:CH visit will be in safe, mainly open, public spaces, plotted as an outwardly mobile spiral. Some will be inner city, others will be in green rural spaces.

By entering communal spaces, spreading art outwards, rather than keeping it contained, we’re adapting the exhibition formula. This migration of work will encourage people to go out, meet and share in something transitional. Bridging the gap between art and life, connecting with local communities, we want to bring hope, wellbeing, and creative opportunities.

For further information visit:, Instagram: @inchbyinchuk, Twitter: @inchbyINCH10.

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