Inch by IN:CH seeks funding

An artist led project, curated by the Bath-based artist group IN:CH, is bringing contemporary art out of the gallery and into the communal areas of our everyday lives. The 11 artists, all based in the South West, reflect a variety of art forms and here focus on transition, interchange and the transportation of ideas.

The project is seeking funding to enable it to be the best it can be. Funds will help offer free community engagement events and enable the project to tour to multiple venues. Activities will include writing, painting and sculpture workshops, theatrical, sound and distanced performances, participatory happenings, artist talks and demonstrations to bring the work to life and provoke debate.

The project has already achieved donations from private individuals and organisations, and secured strong partnerships with East Somerset Railway, Fringe Arts Bath, Ian McGinn, and Somerset Art Works.

Forming a portable touring exhibition, the artists will each present contemporary work in a travel case. These artworks include painting, assemblage, projections and sculptural installations, and will blur the boundaries between. Through these small-scale works, ideas will be shared and transported from one place to the next. The presentation of the opened cases will vary, responding to the nature and function of each particular setting. At each location artists will engage with the audience and, developing from the themes and works in the show, workshops, talks and performances will be arranged, depending on COVID19 restrictions.

‘We are inching forward … ’

IN:CH artist Kelly O’Brien:

IN:CH artist Fiona Campbell: ‘Our aim is to bring art to people who don’t normally experience it. The locations we’ve chosen are unexpected venues. We plan to offer a unique, intriguing exhibition.’

IN:CH artist Shirley Sharp: ‘Taking art out of galleries to bring it directly to the audience, our focus is on engagement with the public through workshops, talks, discussions, performances. We are each working from very individual perspectives so it will be a dynamic exhibition giving the audience room for thought.’

IN:CH artist Vicky McKay: ‘The idea came as a reaction to lockdown and the closure of our industry. We decided to exhibit on our own terms: to the people and communities we are part of. It’s quite a hopeful story, both for us and the communities we’re within.’

IN:CH artist Ally McGinn: ‘We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to our partners and sponsors, who will be publicly listed on our website and social media platforms. We would be extremely grateful for any support people are able to offer.’

The project will broaden the geography of contemporary art and engage others in their own neighbourhoods. The touring schedule will include libraries, rural museums, festivals, railway stations, village halls, and other local venues. All these places will enable interaction with a wide audience and can open up possibilities and the exchange of ideas. Bridging the gap between art and life, engaging with local communities, and bringing the conversation home. The sites will be plotted as an outwardly mobile spiral across the South West—a metaphor for the migration of ideas, connections and hope.

Inch by IN:CH will tour a wide range of venues across the South West, starting at Fringe Arts Bath (28 May to 13 June) and ending at Somerset Open Studios, (18 September to 3 October).

For further information visit:, Instagram: @inchbyinchuk, Twitter: @inchbyINCH10.

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