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On the air: Inch by IN:CH interview

Inch by IN:CH was featured on BBC Radio Bristol & Somerset this week.

On 4 January 2021 one of our IN:CH artists, Fiona Campbell, spoke to radio presenter Claire Cavanagh about the project and how it came about:

‘We got together last year (we’re a group called Incubation Chamber, so that’s where IN:CH comes in) because of lockdown and the closure of the art industry … we thought it would be nice to take art out from galleries and studios into communal areas, spaces that don’t normally show art.’

‘We’re going to engage the public with workshops, demonstrations, discussions, talks as we go in a spiralling circuit around the South West, particularly Somerset.’

Claire Cavanagh, BBC Bristol

‘It’s eleven artists from across the west country who are getting together to put on this travelling exhibition … It’s a nice idea, I like that.’

Claire Cavanagh, BBC Radio Bristol

Claire, ‘It’s a great idea, how do you put something like this on, when it’s so restricted in terms of people going into places or gathering?’

Fiona, ‘A lot of it will be out in open places. For example one of our venues is the East Somerset Railway. We’ve got choices of where we might place ourselves, could be on the platform. This is starting in May when we’re hoping things will have eased and goes on until October, so quite a long-term project. The safety of everyone involved is paramount … Our plans are movable.’

Claire, ‘How do you all know each other? Do you get together because it’s useful to have those connections?’

Fiona, ‘Yes, it’s been a lifeline. Some of us know each other through having done an MA together at Bath Spa Uni, and there’s a link with Bath Artist Studios. We had a picnic in the summer where we really kicked this idea off. Otherwise we’ve been doing lots of Zoom conversations!’

Listen here to the radio chat (1:19-1:26 mins):

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