COVID19: Our commitments and strategy

With the COVID19 crisis changing all the time, what plans do Inch by IN:CH have in place?

In summary
  • The safety of everyone involved is paramount, that of both artists and visitors.
  • We have COVID19-safety precautions in place for different scenarios.
  • The project will go ahead, but will change depending on the situation.
In detail

We will adhere to all COVID19 restrictions in place in line with Government guidelines. For example, in order to maintain social distancing, we might: curtail exhibition openings; restrict visitors; introduce a booking system, e.g. via Eventbrite; restrict the viewing of artworks to shop windows and other distanced locations.

We will provide hand sanitiser and spare masks in case they are needed, clean the site at regular intervals during the day and carry out a thorough cleaning at the end of every day.

At all sites, there will be clear signs reminding people to wear masks, use the hand sanitiser and maintain a two metre distance from other visitors at all times. Where appropriate, invigilators will prevent people touching the artworks.

We might instigate virtual events through our website, e.g. host a virtual gallery, hold open discussions via Zoom, etc.

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